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MUST FOLLOW: dit gezin plaatst de meest originele en schattige familieportretten op Instagram

Kate, Nate, Scarlet, Will en Maksim vrolijken je dag meteen op!

© jessica rockowitz via unsplash

Kate en Nate zijn meer dan tien jaar getrouwd en hebben samen drie wolkjes van kinderen. Op hun Instagrampagina @kweilz post het gezinnetje hilarische foto’s van zichzelf die ver afstaan van de saaie traditionele familieportretten.

Het gezin bestaat uit mama Kate, papa Nate, oudste dochter Scarlet, zoon Will en kleine spruit Maksim. Op hun Instagrampagina geven ze jullie een kijkje in hun leven met de allerleukste gezinsfoto’s. Wij zijn vooral fan van de kiekjes waarop ze poseren achter een stukje eten.

Het perfecte vieruurtje: koekjes met melk, natuurlijk.

Deze drie kleine vleermuizen brengen je onmiddellijk in halloweensfeer.

De perfecte zondagnamiddag: je bed, een film én de mensen waarvan je houdt.

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? Who loves movies at home in bed?! Yup me too ??‍♀️ So when @cinemood_usa asked us to feature their amazingly small (but super mighty) projector, I jumped at the chance. You guys know I rarely choose to accept #sponsored posts – it takes a lot for me to say yes, but when Cinemood took their incredibly powerful device and offered Netflix, YouTube videos, Disney content and even bedtime stories (all at your fingertips) where you can project on any wall, surface or even ceiling – I was sure I wanted to spread the excitement. I mean, think of future airplane trips where you can watch a show right on the seat in front of you, or a date night where you want to see a movie but would rather just stay at home in bed. Solved ?? Cinemood is a noiseless, 3 inch stand alone projector that can turn a wall into a huge movie theatre. It’s cordless and doesn’t even need to be connected to anything while it plays – it can literally ‘work’ anywhere for five full hours. Seriously powerful. We’ll be making major use out of this little contraption in the future and the kids are loving it too! First up – Hakuna Matata, a Classic for our fam ??? #ilovecinemood #CINEMOOD #kateandnate #familydatenight #familyfirst #matching #lionking #lovethem #movienight #familyovereverything #familymatching #jammies #pixel_kids #disneymovies #motherhoodunplugged

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Heeft iemand zin in een stukje brood?

Zo vader, zo zoon maar dan in het kwadraat.

Wat eten we vanavond? Sushi!

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#ourfamilybites is officially a year old ? To have some fun, I’m posting my fave ten and sharing a few facts about the project. ?When I started the series, I had 160K followers but within a night, I jumped 20K. I had no idea it would be popular, I wasn’t even sure if people would like it! From that pic my account doubled in a year without doing follow trains, giveaways or buying followers. Having said that, if giveaways are your thing than rock on ?? (but to me, buying followers isn’t cool) I guess what I’m tying to say is that you never know what life has in store. ?We are always wearing something under the food. Nate and I are in swimsuits and the kids have shorts (or a diaper). We’re never naked. ?‍?‍?‍?We rarely take the photo together. It’s pretty obvious in some of the shots but I’m still trying to get better at the edits. I usually shoot Maks on his own, Scarlet and Will, and then Nate and I together. ?Our very first ‘familybites’ pic was the Easter egg shot with Nate’s massive thumbs ?Truth be told, I stretched them out by accident in an attempt to make the eggs look smoother. I’ll have to re-post it at Easter for a laugh. ? Finally, I have never before had more negative backlash which has always had me scratching my head in confusion. ‘Whitest $hit I’ve ever seen’ was just one of the many insults that came our way. The trolls came out which I found really weird, I mean – a family fooling around and having fun?! I didn’t get it. It didn’t really happen on my page, but rather on massive art accounts where the pic would be seen by like 6 Mil. Racist comments, flat out hate, and even threats have come my way. It’s totally bizarre but what but I’ve found helps is to just entirely refrain from reading them. If I really want to respond to hate, I’ve learned to write ‘all the love to you‘. – and leave it at that. It usually shuts them up ? •If there is a type of food you would like us to feature, leave it in the comments and I’ll tag you if we wear it! Happy weekend everybody ?? and eat up. #forcedperspective #objectsforoutfits #nothingisordinary #foodie #igfood #familygoals #yyc #familyovereverything #familyfirst #foodgoals

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Mama Kate en haar mini-me dragen matching pyjama’s én maskertjes.

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Fruit makes you strong, and sugar keeps you young, so blessed be the fruit (loops)?✨ • We are in need of some RnR after a crazy few days. Somehow Nate and I managed to completely screw up the date and time of our flight back home from Vancouver and discovered that we messed up big time, about AN HOUR from having to be on the plane!!! Streesss-ful. So, when we got home, it was all face masks, jammies and comfort food in the form of cereal cause pobody’s nerfect ??‍♀️ Have you ever messed up this badly at life? Share your worst – make me feel better ??? • #spaday #relaxation #jammies #facemasks #fruitloops #growingupgirls #trio #pobodysnerfect #motherhoodthroughinstagram #myeverydaymagic #twinning #matching #motherhoodrising #pixel_kids #uniteinmotherhood #fruitloops #comfortfood #weekendmood

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Tegen pasta kunnen we nooit nee zeggen.

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If we’re being honest, low carb spaghetti is an impasta ? Happy weekend friends! What is everyone getting up to tonight?! EDIT: talk about a fun addition to the caption. My girl Kika from @kutovakika had a pasta post a few days back and I commented that I too had pasta on the brain (as we were shooting for this one at around the same time!) Well, a lovely follower mentioned that she also suggested pasta for an ourfamilybites a few months ago! ??? how is that for trippy?! Go and check out her pasta post! Her pics are super stellar ?????? • #ourfamilybites #foodiesofinstagram #pasta #foodlove #instafoodie #forcedperspective #familyoffive #spaghetti #nothingisordinary #familyovereverything #matchymatchy #thatsdarling #matchingfamily #objectsforoutfits #yyc

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Uitslapen is met deze drie energiebommetjes verleden tijd.

De oplossing voor een kater ‘s ochtends? Een kopje koffie of vier. Santé!

Spelen met eten mag normaal niet, maar in dit geval knijpen we een oogje dicht.

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