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Vidéo: le tuto de l’anti-cernes maison d’une YouTubeuse

L’influenceuse Farah Dhukai, diplômée en sciences des cosmétologies, est la spécialiste des remèdes beauté 100% naturels. Elle nous confie son secret pour faire disparaître ses cernes instantanément!

Sa recette, à base de caféine et d’amidon de pommes de terre, est très facile à réaliser soi-même et son prix défie toute concurrence. Le masque composé de seulement deux ingrédients permet un quarantaine d’applications! Pourquoi dépenser une fortune en produits de beauté si on peut les fabriquer nous-même pour pas un rond?

L’ingrédient magique: la caféine

Selon Farah Dhukai , la caféine permet de faire disparaître les cernes et dégonfler les poches. Ses vertus stimulantes et énergisantes drainent le contour de l’œil et retendent les tissus. L’amidon de pommes de terre nourrit la peau et permet de gélifier le mélange pour l’appliquer sur la peau.

La recette

Infusez un sachet de thé noir ou café dans un demi-bol d’eau dans une casserole. Ajoutez l’amidon de pommes de terre et laissez bouillir. Mélangez afin d’obtenir une gelée et appliquez-la sur vos cernes pendant quelques minutes. Votre teint est frais et reposé!

🐡Get rid of PUFFY EYES and DARK CIRCLES instantly!🐼 👀Ive seen these patches all over social media while people are doing their make up, so I thought id DIY them for less than $10 to make and you can use it over 40 times! Each use is like a couple cents!! vs. $20+ to buy one time use!! They stay in place so you can do your eye make up while they decrease puffiness + dark circles and brighten those under eyes up to look fresh and awake! 😱😱ps. you wont see a drastic before and after ON ME -because a sis is just here tryna help the fam. I dont have super puffy eyes + my dark circles have been pretttttty good lately *knock on wood ..ya girl been sleepin gewwwwwd..* the ingredients are MAJOR for those of you who have puffiness and dark circles – Even if you don't have dark circles or puffy eyes, this is a great preventative/ treatment! ALL YOU NEED: 💧WATER (i used 1/2 cup) 🐸☕️BLACK TEA or COFFEE -HIGH caffeine is key 🍟POTATO STARCH (i used 1tbs) ✅Steep black tea in hot water ✅once its brewed add potato starch ✅Let it start to boil – AS SOON AS you see bubbles on the outer part its DONE. ✅Mix together to create a jelly DO NOT OVER BOIL. this process takes LESS than 5 mins ✅Transfer your mixture to a bowl (something with a lid so u can store leftovers for later) let it cool ✅Apply on undereyes and do your eye make up or whatever you wanna do while it sits there ✅Peel off and gooooo. no mess. 💯WHY THIS WORKS:💯 CAFFIENE is the MAIN ingredient in a lot of under eye creams/patches because it instantly awakens the undereye (its an anti-inflammatory) and reduces puffiness significantly. it also increases circulation, is an antioxidant and fills in and plumps any lines/wrinkles under the eye, and reduces dark circles Potato starch nourishes the skin while allowing the undereye to suck in all that goodness from the caffeine. Its also the ingredient that helps this eye patch stay in place 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽TAG A PUFFY EYED FRIEND IN NEED! and like this VID FOR MORE! 👍🏾👍🏾 Disclaimer: TEST PATCH FIRST. ALWAYS.

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