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Un hashtag pour briser le tabou sur le corps post-accouchement

Le corps post-accouchement, on n’en parle pas et surtout on ne le montre pas! Pourtant, celui-ci change et c’est une réalité que la blogueuse Meghan Boggs souhaite révéler à travers le hashtag #this_is_postpartum. Le but? Déculpabiliser les mamans.

1 837, c’est le nombre de fois que le hashtag #this_is_postpartum a déjà été utilisé sur Instagram. Les photos qui l’accompagnent montrent le corps de maman après l’accouchement. Ce hashtag, on le doit à la blogueuse Meghan Boggs. Son objectif? Encourager les mamans du monde entier à être fière de leur corps post-accouchement. Elle souhaite que les femmes partagent des photos de leur corps qui certes à changé après une grossesse mais qui n’en reste pas moins beau. Meghan Boggs voudrait que l’on arrête de stigmatiser le corps des femmes qui ont mis au monde un enfant et qu’on arrête en même temps de sans cesse idéaliser la grossesse.

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Sur Instagram et sur son site internet, la blogueuse explique sa démarche. Quand elle a posté sa première photo de son corps après accouchement sur Instagram, elle s’est sentie très seule. Personne ne partage sur les réseaux sociaux des clichés post-partum. La raison? Les critiques! Mais elle explique également qu’elle sentait qu’elle avait besoin de le faire car, le corps après l’accouchement est une réalité! Elle a donc demandé à d’autres mères de partager à travers le hashtag #this_is_postpartum leurs photos.

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#this_is_postpartum . A few months ago, I posted a postpartum photo similar to this for the very first time. It was the most terrifying thing for me, and it definitely had backlash. I just wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin, even though I had online strangers telling me to stop blaming being fat on postpartum. I just wanted to be the person that I needed to see while at my lowest of lows as I entered the postpartum reality. And the truth is, I felt very alone in what I was sharing as a plus size mother. I quickly realized why moms like me weren’t sharing about this topic openly on social media. So even though I knew there would be criticism, I knew it was important for me, and for others like me, to share my story. And to post the photos and talk about this. Because this is postpartum. . Towards the beginning of the summer, I started thinking about reaching out to other mothers and asking them to share with me. Asking mothers of every size and shape to stand up with me and to show that not all of our experiences are the same. We aren’t doing this alone. And today, those strong mothers are standing up. We are sharing our stories. Some of us for the very first time and some of us for the hundredth time. But every time is meaningful. Our journey is meaningful. Every part of our postpartum experience is normal and we all fall on to some part of its wide spectrum. So today, and from now on, let’s share. Let’s stand up. Let’s embrace our postpartum bodies together. Whether you’re plus size, full of loose skin, stretch marked up or scarred. All of it is postpartum. All of it counts. All of it means something. Because all of it is part of you. And you, mama, are worthy. . For the entire project, find the link in my bio and in my stories to the video for This Is Postpartum. Use the hashtag #this_is_postpartum and share your story. Be a part of the project and join the mission to help change the narrative of postpartum bodies. #esto_es_posparto . This is postpartum, and so is this (swipe to continue the loop) ?? @thefortintrio. . Tee: @themomculture

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Une initiative saluée

Depuis, des tas de mamans ont rejoint le mouvement en partageant à leur tour des clichés de leur corps post-parturm en les accompagnement toujours du fameux hashtag.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m still the same person, stuck in someone else’s body. ⠀ It’s so frustrating not being able to do everything I want, not fitting my clothes, being uncomfortable, having sore feet and knees from the extra weight ?⠀ ⠀ There’s been a few comments on my first postpartum photo, which was shared a lot, that stung a little – that a c section tummy is a myth, that I’m obese and unhealthy, that my body WILL “bounce back” eventually – apparently I just need to exercise and eat healthy and my tummy will look brand new! ? Magic!⠀ ⠀ I don’t post photos like this for sympathy or attention – to be honest it’s actually pretty mortifying knowing so many people will see all the bits I generally try so hard to cover up, squash in and hide. But I share these photos so that other women don’t feel alone ? so they know that they aren’t the only one whose body has changed irreversibly, who don’t recognize the person they see in the mirror, who feel ashamed of what their body has become.⠀ I see you mama, and I am you ?‍♀️⠀ ⠀ For me, I know the time has come that I need to prioritise my self care – which for me takes the form of a pretty serious overhaul in my diet, and beginning to exercise again ??‍♀️⠀ ⠀ I know it won’t be easy, and that it will take time and effort and a lot of self control (and not so much chocolate ?) but I know my body and my mind need a change. ⠀ ⠀ So I guess this is the beginning of this part of my journey, it’s not really a “before” and I don’t think there will ever be a definitive “after”, because who really knows what life has in store! But it’s all about the journey right? And this is mine ☺️?⠀ ⠀ #this_is_postpartum #postpartum #motheringwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum

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In 2015, I made the decision to show up to a workout. It was scary, I totally threw up, and I could barely move the next day. But then something crazy happened. I never stopped showing up. Throughout my anxiety, depression, pregnancy, postpartum, exhaustion, and gallbladder surgery. There’s no end goal I have written down anywhere. No “ideal body” I’m searching for. There’s no jean size or number or hourglass silhouette that I’m squatting for. There’s just me in that moment where I added a little more weight to the bar, more than I ever have before. And discovering a new love for my body that I have never felt before. However it looks in that moment. Bumps, rolls, scars, marks, sag and all. #this_is_postpartum

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#this_is_postpartum – 20 weeks ⋒ This body has endured five healthy pregnancies. This body has healed from two cesareans. This body has felt the pain of childbirth three times. This body has been stretched, tugged, and pulled in a million directions. This body is scarred and bruised. This body is mine and I’ve never loved it more than I do right now. ⋒ I’ve come to a place of love and acceptance and that doesn’t mean I don’t have physical goals to reach, it simply means I’m loving myself every step of the way. ⋒ It means I’m not waiting to be a certain size, type, weight, or style to love my body. It means I love my body today, right now. For what it’s done and for what it looks like. ⋒ But postpartum looks different on everybody. I’ve had five kids in seven years, this is my journey. This is my story. This is me. ⋒ What about you? I want to hear YOUR story! ?: @she_plusfive for #ThisIsMotherhood #TeamMotherly

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#Repost @lavendels ・・・ This was 1,5 weeks postpartum. (Look How tiny She was ?) I felt Good. I started fo feel better and better everyday. Then almost 6 weeks postpartum I had massive bleedings and had to go to the emergency room only to find out that I had a uterus infection and pieces of the placenta left in the uterus.. Soo… I had a small surgery removing the pieces in there. And after that I finally started to feel better. . . And to my dear body. I’m sorry for all the times I've been ashamed of you. For all the Times I have wished for you to look different. . . From now on I will always be proud of you. You have given me two beautiful girls and that's more than I have ever wished for. And I feel a bit bad for being superficial and taking my health for granted. I Will never again look like I once did but That’s ok. . . So when it’s bikini season again I will rock my bikini with my stretch marks, scar and flat butt ??? Just thankful that I am healthy ? I think we should focus on the good parts we see in the mirror because if you start looking at all your flaws That’s all you’ll see. We all have our own struggles so I say what I Always say. Be kind. To yourself and to others. . . . #postpartum #thisispostpartum #postpartumbelly #postpartumjourney #momlife #momprobs #mommylove #daughter #postpartumanxiety #mommylove #momanddaughter #postpartumlife #csectionmom #csection #momandbaby #letterboard #postpartum #inspiredpregnancy #1weekpostpartum #postpartummoms #momanddaughter #motherhoodinspired #this_is_postpartum #stopmomshaming #mombody #thisisme #mommiesandbabes1

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