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Moquée pour les taches sur son corps, elle devient une source d’inspiration

Yulianna Yussef s’est fait traiter de dalmatien toute sa vie. Une maladie de peau très rare lui a causé des taches partout sur le corps qui lui ont souvent porté préjudice. Aujourd’hui, elle a pris sa revanche sur la vie est devenue une véritable source d’inspiration notamment grâce à Instagram.

Vache, girafe, dalmatien. Durant toute sa vie, Yulianna a subi le regard des autres. Elle est née avec un neavus congénital, une forme de lésion dermatologique qui provoque des taches de toutes les tailles sur la peau. Un nourrisson sur 100 en est atteint mais dans le cas de Yulianna, la maladie s’est propagée sur tout son corps, devenant un neavus congénital géant qui touche moins de 1% de la population. Les médecins n’étaient pas optimistes quant à sa durée de vie.

What do you see/feel when you are looking at this photo? Do you know what this is, is it interesting or maybe repulsive to you ? Maybe you think it looks ok or even nice or maybe you just don't care at all. Let me tell you what I see – I see me, a girl that was born with CMN – which in lament terms translates to "giant nevus- birthmark". I didn't choose this for myself, my parents didn't choose it or want it for me. It could happen with everyone, anywhere at any time. What I feel? I feel like all my life I have been struggling. Struggling With myself, with my body, with people around me, with rude and kind words and disappointing actions. Being where I am today has not been easy, I have passed through all stages as from anger, denial and resentment, not accepting myself and self-pity, to hiding and depression. Often these marks are itchy and painful and to top it all of they are covered with hair. For a child, who was rejected by kids as well as their parents for fear of you transmitting 'your disease' onto their children, life seemed to be cruel and unfair. From being called names in school, such as Giraffe to being starred at like some kind of beast on the beach or in the streets, society did nothing to make me feel like I fit or belonged. Today I am much stronger, I believe in myself and I believe that our differences make us unique and our uniqueness can affect change. Society now knows and understands CMN if to a limited extent. This is why I continue to show my marks, because today I understand, value and love myself and my skin and I want to want to raise awareness for all those people with CMN. To help children growing up today understand their value and importance as individuals and to make people around them just that little bit kinder and empathetic. At the end of the day we are all human and I am just a woman who has a little more moles than you. Even the sun has spots☀️ #bareyourbirthmark #birthmark #inmyskiniwin #DoYou #DoYouStories #unique #rolemodel #photo #photographer #different #lifestory #bodypositive #bodygoals #naked #woman #inspiration #motivation

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Pourtant, Yulianna a 22 ans aujourd’hui. Cette superbe jeune fille a lancé son compte Instagram et récolte un succès à mille lieues de ce qu’elle espérait. Avec plus de 50.000 abonnés, elle reçoit tous les jours des marques de sympathie qui l’encouragent à continuer sur cette voie. Il faut dire que son compte est un condensé de bonheur et de beauté du monde entier, y compris la sienne. Aujourd’hui, elle revendique sa différence. Les taches sur son corps ne sont plus un sujet de moquerie mais bien une inspiration pour toute personne se sentant à l’opposé des standards de beauté.

Les légendes sous ses photos sont toutes porteuses de tolérance:

Je suis née différente. Vous êtes nés différents. Nous sommes tous nés différents. N’ayez pas peur d’être vous-même”.

Day off ☀️ #bareyourbirthmark #chill #summer #love #enjoy #life

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