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BODY POSITIVE: cette influenceuse fitness assume sa cellulite

Toutes les femmes essayent de l’éradiquer mais la cellulite, c’est surtout un phénomène normal dont il ne faut pas avoir honte! Nienken Kampman le rappelle dans un message plein de body positive sur son compte Instagram le 11 juillet dernier.

Nienke Kampman fait du sport minimum 4 fois par semaine et mange des aliments sains autant qu’elle peut, pourtant elle affiche des cuisses avec de la cellulite. Est-ce normal? OUI affirme l’influenceuse hollandaise. Sur Instagram, le 11 juillet dernier, cette dernière a posté un photomontage avec une photo en legging et une photo en short affichant sa peau d’orange. « Vous aurez sûrement moins de cellulite en faisant de l’exercice et en mangeant correctement, mais il y a de grandes chances qu’elle ne disparaisse jamais complètement. Et c’est plus que normal!” Avec ce post Instagram, l’influenceuse hollandaise a deux messages à faire passer: « Tout d’abord, vous n’êtes pas moins belles ou moins dignes avec de la cellulite. Deuxièmement, il n’y aucun problème a avoir de la cellulite. Toutes les femmes en ont, certaines plus, certaines moins mais c’est juste une partie du corps humain dont il n’y a aucune raison d’avoir honte.” Compris?

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‼️READ CAPTION‼️’ Since I’ve been posting these kind of pictures there was one thing that stood out and that’s the fact many women let cellulite define how fit (or not fit) they are..🤷🏼‍♀️ I know I also did. We tell ourselves we don’t exercise enough or eat healthy enough and look less lean and are less worthy because of the cellulite. We tell ourselves we can’t be “fit” because of the cellulite.😢 I work out a few years now, I train about 4 times a week and eat nutritious foods as much as I can, and I still have got cellulite (lipedema)! So let me tell you this ☝🏼” • First of all you’re definitely 100% not less worthy or beautiful when you’ve cellulite! You can reduce cellulite by exercising and eating the right foods, but there’s a big change it never really goes away🙋🏼‍♀️ And that’s more than okay! Because almost every women has it, some maybe more and some maybe less. It’s just a part of the human body and nothing to be ashamed about !!❤️❤️❤️ #bodypositive

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Le corps parfait n’existe pas

Ce n’est pas la première fois que Nienke Kampman aborde le sujet du body positive sur son compte Instagram. Il y a un mois la jeune femme mettait en garde contre les corps parfaits d’Instagram. « C’est facile d’avoir un Instagram Body mais dans la vraie vie, c’est tout simplement impossible. »

“I have fat, I have cellulite (in my case also lipedema), I have an uneven skin, I have stretch marks but I AM none of these things. They don’t define me & they don’t make me think any less of myself”. Love these words from @aylish_rutherford because they describe exactly how it is and how we should think🙌🏼” • I just wanted to keep this post short and tell you girls that there’s nothing wrong with having those things, they’re just normal and a part of us women🙋🏼‍♀️ It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting the “perfect” smooth Instagram body, that we forget that it’s something impossible to achieve☝🏼And we often forget that those “perfect” bodies doesn’t even look like that in real life! ” • Please remember things like cellulite are completely normal and nothing to be ashamed for having!! So please don’t compare yourself to a “perfect” Instagram body. Love and accept yourself just the way you are, you’re beautiful!💕💕

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Cellulite, some girls have more of it than others but almost every girl has it. But we often seem to forget that it’s so normal having it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Because of so called “perfect” pictures on instagram, we think we should look like those instagram models with the smooth skin and toned bodies. So many girls believe they have to look like that to be beautiful, worth it or to be accepted. And yes, I also believed I needed look a certain way to “fit in”. 😅 But sometimes we forget those pictures are often photoshopped, posed and edited. Please keep in mind that instagram isn’t always real life and it’s so easy to photoshop pictures. ☝🏼 Don’t be hard on yourself by wanting to look like the models on the pictures. Having cellulite, stretch marks, or whatever doesn’t make you less attractive or less worthy. So don’t be afraid a show them💕 ———————————————————————— Tag your friends who need to see this post!

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Hello beautiful people💕 Social media and society made it so hard to love yourself with your “flaws”. Especially young girls see so much “perfect” photos on social media and in magazines, that they’re going to believe that you have to look like that to be beautiful 😪 So yes, it also took me quite some years, but I can say that I love my body just the way it is. I struggled so much with my cellulite (lipoedema) over the past years, but that didn’t make me any happier.😅 And when you look around (in real life) you’ll see that almost every girl/women/model has it.👀 That made me realise that it’s normal and that you aren’t less beautiful with it. It’s way more beautiful you’re happy and accepting yourself with them, then wishing you didn’t have them at all and be unhappy! 🤗💕

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