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ELLE NOUS INSPIRE: Indya Moore, l’actrice transgenre de POSE

Indya Moore - Netflix

Révélée grâce à la série POSE, Indya Moore crève l’écran. Pourtant, cette réussite est le résultat d’un long combat pour l’acceptation des personnes trans. Portrait.

C’est la révélation du moment grâce à la série Netflix en vogue POSE. Indya Moore ne vous laissera pas indifférent, c’est certain.

Qui est-elle?

Née dans le Bronx à New York , elle a quitté la maison familiale en raison de la transphobie de ses parents alors qu’elle n’avait que 14 ans. Elle traverse alors une période difficile, bougeant de foyer en foyer. Victime de harcèlement scolaire, elle abandonne l’école et tente de percer en tant que modèle. Elle posera pour Dior et Gucci, ponctuellement.

Mais son heure de gloire arrivera bien plus tard avec la série POSE récemment ajoutée sur Netflix. Elle y interprète le rôle d’Angel, une femme trans prostituée. Un an avant la diffusion de la série, elle vivait encore dans une auberge de jeunesse.

3 Instagram pour découvrir Indya Moore

Elle prend la pose pour Louis Vuitton.

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Loving, special thanks to my agency @imgmodels, & beloved @joshrotten for booking my first campaign: @louisvuitton’s @nicolasghesquiere makes history with their decision to cast me, their 1st (not last) openly trans woman of color for their pre-fall ss19 campaign. I am so honored to hold this iconic floral louis bag & to be part of this movement in fashion to reflect the reality of the varying types of people & women that exist and invest in this industry. I am so thankful & excited to see more fashion brands follow suit in diversifying their representations of humans/bodies in the fashion world. As we all know- fashion has influenced world culture in undeniable ways & continues to. It is our responsibility as people who’s bodies carry fashion over to it’s destinations- & not allow clothes we wear to define us. As a trans person of color via Bronx, NY I’ve commanded ownership over my body by demanding my freedom, right, the space to exist as my true self & place in this world. i’ve endured the consequences for applying absolute value to a life, my life- who’s worth is still up for debate today. I’ve endured the consequences for daring to define my existence as worthy & my worth as a valuable. I’ve risked it all, lost everything even myself many times to defy the denial of my life’s essentialism, necessity to be here, belong & be loved. I vow to continue to do so & inspire safe space through every part I take, every piece I wear & from every platform I speak- till living your true self is not a privilege anymore. This, is the definition i’ve brought to these clothes, from my blackness that is & has been said could never be bright & the gender that is said could never be right, these clothes reflect the true beauty, uniqueness & priceless nature of my body & value(s). I am eternally grateful to #LV for matching their clothing to my embrace. “These women embrace the various personalities that embody fashion at Louis Vuitton, be they stars or new faces, all of them share the same willpower, & confidence in their choices, and at the same time, reflect the eclecticism of the female identity.” -Nicolas Ghesquière #louisvuitton #LVprefall19 @collierschorrstudio

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Sur Instagram et Twitter, elle défend les droits de la communauté LGTB.

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I’m gonna be off social media for a while. At least twitter anyway. I know its a hard stretch to ask for from social media and i’d like to acknowledge the ways those of us have been harmed seek accountability and affirmation from our community using the platforms. But for those of us who aren’t victims, consider the consideration of compassion before the impulse to ridicule. I am telling myself this as i ask of it from others. We need to find better ways to address issues and complexities in our community. We need to stop trivializing everything. Please. And also, it’s okay to address problems off social media. It’s also okay to acknowledge the complexity of an issue and the choice not to participate in it’s controversy and it also not mean that you are ignoring or justifying those harmed by not publicly holding those who’ve enacted harm accountable. Lets be more perceptive for the ways we enact in the same methods of systematic surveillance we are trying to refute, as marginalized people. Restorative justice and accountability can and is possible in privacy and without an audience to exacerbate process.

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View this post on Instagram, 24 Thank you to my extended family (my partner incld’d) for making my last few days the best I ever had in my life. The reality is still setting in. I never thought It would ever come a point in my life where I would have real friends to share my life with. I’m so grateful for my tribe. I’ve waited so long for this moment and these people. They reflect all the best parts of me and I them. They Really went all the way. Thank you specifically to @jillianmercado, @williegreene_, and Lisa for making my birthday so so so special. Thank you @queenofgreen, for beginning my birthday with an unforgettable meal. It was, incredible. The best breakfast id ever had.. thank you also for the beautiful birthday cake. It literally tasted like love. @elysethoms, @iknowimfancy, @lights_aun, and my partner, my love, for surprising me in the middle of the night coming all the way out to L.A and bonding with my friends and being part of our tribe. Seeing you so connected with them and them with you filled me all the way up. Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes and for those who I have in my life and had the pleasure of knowing into my 24th birthday. I love you all and I appreciate you so. I’m so happy to have made it through another year. My Life anniversary is so special to me. There are so very cruel People don’t want people like me to exist, and I am just so happy to be able to have a platform to reach those hearts hardened to people like me. I can’t wait to continue to learn, grow, share, move, and continue building a legacy everybody can benefit from in different ways. Thank you for creating me and going through the pain, labor headache and protecting me through uncertainty mommy. papi, thank you for supporting our family and your partner through thick and thin @keleesi .

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