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FOTOSPECIAL: deze 14 sterren verwachten in 2020 een kindje

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Voor de een is het de eerste keer, de ander kon al eventjes oefenen. Hoe dan ook blijft het spannend om een kindje te verwachten. Deze sterren breiden in 2020 hun gezin uit.

1. Jenna Dewan

Leeftijd: 39

Partner: Steve Kazee

Kinderen: dochter Everly (6,5) met ex-echtgenoot Channing Tatum

2. Véronique Leysen

Leeftijd: 33

Partner: Thomas Vanderveken

Kinderen: zoon Otto (bijna 3)

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Ha bonjour! ?

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3. Ashley Graham

Leeftijd: 32

Partner: Justin Ervin

Kinderen: geen

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4. Khaled Mohamed Khaled aka DJ Khaled

Leeftijd: 44

Partner: Nicole Tuck

Kinderen: zoon Asahd (3)

5. Chris Noth aka Mr. Big

Leeftijd: 65

Partner: Tara Wilson

Kinderen: zoon Orion (bijna 12)

6. Nathalie Meskens

Leeftijd: 37

Partner: Nadim Hashim

Kinderen: geen

7. Felicity Jones

Leeftijd: 36

Partner: Charles Guard

Kinderen: geen

8. Natalia Druyts

Leeftijd: 39

Partner: Frederik Binst

Kinderen: geen

9. Caterina Scorsone

Leeftijd: 38

Partner: Rob Giles

Kinderen: dochters Eliza (7) en Paloma (3)

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It’s World Breastfeeding Week!! What’s most important is that you get your baby fed. But for those who CAN breastfeed, breast milk is jam packed with all kinds of nutrients that boost immunity and fortify the microbiome. Anecdotally, my kids are 7 and 2 and neither has ever had an ear infection or needed antibiotics. Was it all the breastfeeding? Maybe. #breastsaremiraculous #notjustformotorboats #breastfeeding.❤️ PART TWO: For all the Mamas who are in pain about not being able to breastfeed (for physical, emotional or work reasons) know that we all know you are fantastic moms who love your kids so much that you wanted them to be nourished in the best way that they could be. While medical science does confirm that breastfeeding is the healthiest option when possible and demonstrates that is does statistically reduce the number of ear infections, each kid is different. Some kids who are breastfed will get ear infections and some kids who aren’t won’t. We are talking about statistics, not individual stories (except my own). The bigger problem I see on this feed is the number of women who have internalized shame for whatever their parenting choices or their children’s needs were. This shame is handed down and absorbed through a culture that is historically toxic to women and mothers whether they breastfeed or not. What this post is intended for is to release women who can and want to breastfeed from any shame that used to be associated with their breasts. While also beautiful, breasts are miraculous tools for nourishment and motherhood rather than solely sexualized objects of the male gaze. For any women who are hurting, I deeply and lovingly hope that you can release and heal any shame you have accepted or taken on as a result of your feeding choices. And for the women who want to breastfeed but feel self conscious about it, I hope you can feel free and excited to nourish your baby in a way that has fantastic health benefits for you both. ❤️????

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10. Laura Prepon

Leeftijd: 39

Partner: Ben Foster

Kinderen: dochter Ella (2,5)

11. Kellan Lutz

Leeftijd: 34

Partner: Brittany Gonzales

Kinderen: geen

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Winner Winner Wagyu Dinner ??

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12. Ronan Keating

Leeftijd: 42

Partner: Storm Uechtritz

Kinderen: zoon Jack (20) en dochters Missy (18) en Ali (14) met ex-vrouw Yvonne Connolly en zoon Cooper (2,5)

13. Eva De Roo

Leeftijd: 31

Partner: Jan Paternoster

Kinderen: geen

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De Roo en De Loper

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14. Richard Gere

Leeftijd: 70

Partner: Alejandra Silva

Kinderen: zoon Homer (bijna 20) met ex-vrouw Carey Lowell en zoon Alexander (10 maanden)

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