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#HipDips: le hashtag qui célèbre la culotte de cheval sur Instagram

Pourquoi être à la recherche constante du corps parfait quand on peut être heureuse avec ce que l’on a. Le hashtag #HipDips est une ode aux hanches larges et à la culotte de cheval, et ça fait du bien.

Chaque année, l’été est une période cruciale (voir d’horreur) pour certaines femmes qui tentent en vain de perdre leurs kilos en trop avant de s’aventurer sur les plages. Et si, cet été, vous faisiez plutôt l’apologie de ce que la nature vous a donné?

#HipDips, le hashtag qui fait du bien!

Ah, cette fameuse “petite vague” qui vient creuser nos hanches et onduler lorsque l’on marche. Vous la détestez. Vous avez probablement envie de vous en débarrasser à chaque instant de votre vie. Pourtant, elle ne vous quitte jamais. Si la culotte de cheval n’a rien à voir avec du gras ou un manque d’exercice, elle est bel et bien un aspect de votre morphologie. Alors plutôt que de vous mettre Martel en tête, pourquoi ne pas apprendre à l’aimer et à la célébrer avec le hashtag #HipDips?

So…heres the thing….I've had a lot of issues around my body, and because I'm not large, I've always been dismissed, as if my struggles aren't real because they aren't the same struggles as others. I used to workout because I wanted to look better. I hated that I had #hipdips or saddlebags as the older generation called them, and that I had cellulite on my rear end. I now absolutely LOVE how strong my body is, even when my stomach isn't flat and I have a double bum. I LOVE how I actually grew 2 entire human beings and they are turning into little actual people, who will be real adults later. From my vagina. That's what I did. I LOVE that I'm strong enough to pickup my husband and piggy back him around the house. I LOVE MY HIPDIPS AND MY CELLULITE AND MY FRECKLES AND MY WRINKLES AND SAGGY MOM TUMMY AND MY CROOKED TEETH AND MY "PROBLEM SKIN". I love everything that I used to hate. Because not a single person in this world, is just like me and I'm fucking awesome. So are you. You are awesome. And beautiful. I love you. I hope you love you too!! #bodyacceptance #selflove #yogalove #yogalife #tattoos #tattooedyogi #strength #happiness #energy #meditation #fityogi #gratitude #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #blessed #yycyoga #practiceandalliscoming #fitnessmodel #jainawear #yogapants #girlswholift #love #yogaleggings #activewear #fitnesswear #fitness #fitlife #inversionjunkie

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So I've been seeing a lot of "hip dip" Fitness posts. I had to Google this term. Turns out I have them! But I didn't get them through training. I have had them since puberty to date. I HATED them! @beautee52 ..Remember how we complained about these in high school? I remember at 11 years old, I asked my mum for liposuction to decrease my thighs, and then pump the fat into my "hip dips". She then asked me to bring a knife from the kitchen, that she would perform the surgery for free ?? Funny how things become trendy. I am trending. Will enjoy the moment #girlswithmuscle #natty #naturalmuscle #ladieswholift #drugfreelifting #fitfam #fitnessandfashion #witnesstofitness #offseasonfigure #fluff #operationgetripped #hipdips #maybeshesbornwithit

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my prominent hip dips have been a massively hard insecurity to overcome. . . ive had wide hips since before puberty and i hated them so much! . . i would wear spandex and tights under my clothes everyday, i would keep my hands on my hips to try and divert attention away from them. i would unconsciously hit them in the hopes that they would miraculously disappear . . wearing a bikini was something i never in a million years would've worn, if you asked me a year ago ?? . . my insecurities stopped me from doing social activities and living out my best teenage years feeling good about myself. instead i reinforced negative thoughts and energies making me feel toxic constantly. . . im so sad i felt the way i did. i wish i had the opportunity to go back in time to 12 year old Mira and tell her not to care about these crazy societal expectations and to just focus on bettering her soul as well as having unconditional love for herself ? . . enjoy your body and work hard to fight your pain and insecurities, don't let them determine your well- being and happiness because you are worthy of self love and respect . YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE ENOUGH. ? . . . . . ? – @gabi_hirsch ? . . . . . #dimples#thunderthighs#thick#thighbrows#curvyfashion#curves#confident#cellulite#curvygirl#bopo#bodyposi#bodypositive#plussize#plussizemodel#positivity#pyjamaday#hipdips#everybodyisbeautiful#johannesburg#loveyourself#loveyourbody#acceptyourself#sablogger#selflove#southafrica#stretchmarks#fashion#nowrongwaytobeawoman#hipdips

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??HIPS DIPS?? The awesome @iamleyahshanks put up a great post on TBCR Facebook page about "Hip Dips". I know, it sounds bizarre, but I have a feeling some of you will get me. I had this image in my head that my hips had to be perfectly rounded and smooth the whole way down. My hips however, don't do that. My hips, even at the height of my ED, have always had these "hip dips". I completely forgot that it was something I was so concerned with as a young girl. I think on many occasions, we are made to feel like our body shape is a problem. We are bombarded with ideas like "you're a pear so you wear this" or "you're actually an apple so don't wear that dress." Like bro, I am not a fruit, I am a woman. I AM HUMAN SHAPED. It's just another one of those seemingly insignificant details that I remember obsessing over, and I honestly want this account to try and promote the idea of not obsessing so much. There is no good or bad body shape. We just are what we are. ? . . . . . #bodypositivity #bodypositive #bodyconfidence #bodyconfident #bopo #bodylove #hipdips

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Depuis quelques jours, la toile est littéralement inondée de clichés de femmes prenant la pose en maillot de bain / legging / sous-vêtements, afin de mettre en avant ce que beaucoup appellent un “défaut”. Et ça marche! Ces photos sont inspirantes, donnent envie de s’aimer et nous prouvent, encore une fois, que le seul standard de beauté que l’on devrait s’imposer, est le notre. Pas celui d’un magazine ou d’un compte Instagram. Alors cet été plus que jamais, aimez vos formes jusqu’au bout des hanches. Parce que vous êtes magnifiques, un point c’est tout!

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